Yamba and Maclean Physiotherapy

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Open Monday - Friday.

Yamba and Maclean Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries is a privately owned physiotherapy practice servicing the Lower Clarence.

We provide outcome based, quality physiotherapy to all our clients.

We endeavour to provide access to a comprehensive physiotherapy service with a high level of care and consideration.

Our team aim to improve health outcomes through Treatment, Education and Prevention.

We also provide the following services:

  • Manual Therapy – joint and spinal mobilisation and manipulation
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Core Stability Training
  • Functional Based Work Rehab Programs
  • Pilates
  • Sports Taping
  • Computer Analysed Orthotics
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
  • Sports Team Testing
  • Fit to Play – improve strength, balance, co-ordination, endurance and flexibility
  • Rehabilitation post stroke or other neurological incident
  • Ergonomic Workplace Assessments
  • Home Visits

We also run the following classes:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Preglates
  • Mums and Bubs
  • Pramfit
  • Still Standing
  • Hydrotherapy
You can see more details about our classes on our website.
Doctors referrals are not necessary.



Yamba Bowen Therapy and Massage

Contact Belinda Chant

0412 625 990 | 31 Coldstream Street, Yamba NSW 2464



On offer at Yamba Bowen Therapy & Massage

Bowen Therapy - is a non-invasive, gentle approach to pain relief and healing.
Bowen Therapy uses gentle soft tissue or fascial release technique on specific muscles, tendons and joints. Forceful manipulation is not used. Instead Bowen Therapy involves a light cross-fibre maneuvering of the muscle or tendon, helping to relieve muscle tension, fascial constriction and inflammation thus reducing pain and increasing movement.

Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage - Using deep slow strokes and pressure point therapy helps the body's muscles and tendons return to normal health after injury or other muscular-skeletal disorders.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage - helps de-stress, loosen up your body. Treat yourself to some TLC

Hot Stone Massage - Warm basalt stones are used as part of the massage to melt away "built up" tension relaxing not only surface muscles but also deeper level muscles

Lymphatic Drainage - to stimulate lymphatic fluid movement an integral role in the immune functions of the body which is the first line of defense against sickness and disease.
Also used in the treatment of Lymphoedema, post surgery or trauma

Health Fund Rebates maybe available



Yamba Wellbeing Centre

02 6646 9452 | 4/5 Yamba St Yamba NSW 2464
Take control of your health!

Welcome to Yamba Wellbeing Centre
he Yamba Wellbeing Centre is a group of Natural Health Practitioners who specialise in holistic approaches to health and illness. We specialise in treating PEOPLE whose health is, for whatever reason not at its best. Not the diseases or conditions in isolation. For this reason medicines and recommendations are tailored for the individual needs of each person. We believe health encompasses body, emotions, mind, attitudes and approach to life. When you are unwell, there is usually much more going on than simply your physical symptoms. Acknowledging this, we recognise that there is more than one way to regain your health and maintain good health.
Therefore, working under the one roof we have: Natural Medicine Practitioners - Homoeopath and Herbalist Massage Bodywork Practitioners - Swedish, Remedial, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage, Bowen Therapy, Reflexology Movement Bodywork Practitioners - Yoga Guidance Practitioners - Meditation, Astrology and Tarot We are all independent practitioners working from a co-operative philosophy by sharing and working from the same supportive space and sharing a passion for the work we all do.
We provide: Individual health consultations Group based classes Workshops With the aim of helping you to be the best you can be. We commit to providing a safe, caring and confidential environment to all of our clients and staff. In addition, Gift Vouchers are available for all of our services. Health Fund Rebates are also available depending on your health fund and level of cover chosen. Wishing you improved health and much joy.
Ilma, Ros, Jen and Belinda The Team at the Yamba Wellbeing Centre.


Yamba Dental Centre


02 6646 2444 | 12 Clarence St, Top of the hill, Yamba